Welcome to Fyzbee! The first game where you compete against your friends by moving your phone.

How it works

Fyzbee works by reading the accelerometer and other sensors on your phone. After you start a game, it records your motions and analyzes the phone's trajectory to calculate a score based on which game you selected. All games can be played solo or as a challenge against a friend!

How to play

Go to your app store and download Fyzbee! See the bottom of this page to review the different mini games that are currently live in the Fyzbee App

Manage your account

All account management and interactions are managed through our app platform

Contact Us

Need to reach out? Send us a note at customer.service@fyzbee.com

Our Current Mini Games!


Play Shaker by shaking your phone as many times as you can in a given time period. Games can be 5, 15 or 30s long. Most shakes gets the high score and wins!

High toss

Play High Toss by throwing your phone to the target height. Chose a target height of 3, 5 or 10ft in the air. Closest to the pin gets the best (lowest) score and wins! The truly brave can go for the Max Height contest to see how high they can *safely* throw their phone


Play Windmill by spinning your arm as fast as you can. Your phone measures the speed of your arm as you spin it 1, 3 or 5 times. Fastest spin gets the high score and wins!